Step One

It all starts with a bitcoin wallet. From this wallet you can do with your coins what you want, receive coins, store them, pay with them, send them, or trade them at a exchange. There are a lot of wallets to use. If you have no idea wich wallet you want we advice you to use the official Bitcoin site or Coinbase.


Step Two

Now that you have a wallet, you can make a micro wallet. As the name suggest its for micro transactions, since the amount you get are to small for regular wallets. At is a good micro wallet wich works well with btccollector. Make an account, Fill in your bitcoin address and from there you can send your savings to your regular wallet.


Step Three

Login at the Faucethub site and in the top right corner and hover with the cursor on USER+ Then click on User Dashboard. And then click on Wallet Addresses. Copy your adress and paste it in the white box on the btccollector homepage.

Click on "Enter Faucet" and the earning begin. You can recieve between 30 and 100 Satoshis per claim. Keep in mind that the more often you claim the more you get. We earn money from ads that user watch and click on. With the money from the ads we can pay the users.


Step Four (optional)

Refer people you know to btccollector with your unique referral link and recieve a huge 50% lifetime commission on all their faucet claims! Your referral link can you find on the home page when you enter your bitcoin adress.


Step Five Important! (optional)

By not only seeing our ads but also clicking on them we and YOU earn more, wich means we can pay more satoshi to our users. You can leave the site from the ad immediately if you wish, just clicking is enough.

In the end we will help you more, if you help us more, it is really important to keep us alive!

Enter your Bitcoin adress >

You find your Bitcoin adress at Faucethub.

Click on Enter faucet >

When enter the faucet you can claim Satoshis after 5 min.

Claim your FREE Satoshis !

After 5 minutes you can get your Satoshis and do it again.